Aleksei Pleshkov

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History of Philosophy                                        Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Time                                            Ancient Greek Philosophy

History and Philosophy of Knowledge          Virtue Theory






Travaux sélectionnés


The Origins of the Philosophy of Time: Plato and Predecessors, Moscow: HSE University, 2021 (in Russian)

Edited Book:

Academic Reviewing in Humanities: Genre, Studies, Texts, Moscow, 2020 (co-edited with Natalia Dolgorukova, (in Russian)


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Guest-Edited Special Issues:

Studia Historiae Scientiarum, 2021, vol. 20: section History of Scientific Knowledge/Book reviews in the history of knowledge (co-edited with Jan Surman), URL: /view/volume-20

Philosophy. Journal of the Higher School of Economics, 2019, vol. 3, no. 1: Knowing the Unknowable (co-edited with Olga Alieva), URL: